Nightlife venues and nightclubs in Cattolica

Nightlife If you are looking for utmost fun and relax and the possibility to meet new people and enjoy music, Cattolica gives you the opportunity not to get bored visiting a different club every night.

Every year clubs in Cattolica, which are situated both along the avenues of the city centre and the sea front, offer guests flocking to the Riviera the latest music trends, as well as original locations where they can meet people and strike up new friendships.

Discos in Cattolica propose different sounds every night, besides gathering important personalities and internationally renowned disk jockeys. The sea front is animated by weekend parties organized by beach clubs in Cattolica and by a dazzling array of further absorbing summer events.

Before running wild in the most famous discos of the city, street bars, pubs and cocktail bars situated along the sea front in Cattolica give people the possibility to entertain enjoying live piano music and interesting shows.

Disco pub

Bikini Disco Dinner
Piazzale delle Nazioni 1A
Tel. +39 366 2805075
Malindi Beach Cafe
Zona Parco Le Navi
Tel. +39 335 394 809


Racket Bar
Via Fiume 53
Tel. +39 0541 963249

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