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Cattolica is a renowned seaside resort whose city centre is situated in an outstanding privileged position. The last lido of the Adriatic Coast of Emilia-Romagna, situated just across the border with the Marches, Cattolica's coastline nestles inside the natural bay of Mount San Bartolo, which boasts breathtaking views and a warm climate for most of the year.

The warm climate and lively city centre of Cattolica contribute to make its tourist season a very long one. At Easter the first visitors already crowd its beaches during the hottest hours of the day. Cattolica promotes plenty of last minute offers which give guests the opportunity to spend spring long holidays (April, 25 and May, 1) and June, 2 here. During holidays and spring weekends the city centre is crowded with families and visitors who flock here to enjoy the first rays of sun and take part in interesting excursions to the nearby resorts of Gabicce and Gradara, charming villages situated on the top of the promontory ovelooking Cattolica which boasts breathtaking views over the whole of the Riviera. To reach Cattolica and get about it is quick and easy by both car and public means of transport.

Besides enjoying sea and suntan, those who decide to spend their summer holidays in Cattolica will have the opportunity to strike up new friendships, play plenty of different sports activities, enjoy entertainment and playgrounds for children, have tasty appetizers in trendy beach clubs, stroll around the stalls of local street markets and go shopping. A dazzling array of absorbing events for young people, children and adults livens up the beach all summer long and on August, 15. Nights here revolve around the beach, with amazing beach parties, clubs provided with panoramic terraces overlooking the sea and outdoor bars, while the city centre offers guests the opportunity to enjoy outdoor shows, concerts and cinemas, attend the fascinating events arranged by the open-air arena and run wild at night in the most famous discos in Cattolica.

The most important sights of the Riviera gather people even out of season, on the occasion of All Hallow's Day long holiday or during winter weekends. Not to be missed are the ancient churches of San Apollinare and Santa Croce, now the Municipal Art Gallery, the nearby Museum of the Queen, which cherishes outstanding seafaring collections, and the famous Cattolica's Aquarium, the so-called “Le Navi” park, with its 110,000-square-metre-large exhibition dedicated to the sea world. Guests can then go shopping along the charming avenues of the city centre, which are livened up by bright lights and outstanding settings on the occasion of Christmas Holidays. Local street markets, shows for children and delicious traditional cakes attract plenty of people at Christmas, while on New Year's Eve they will be spoilt for choice and have the opportunity to choose among parties, clubs and discos which are open till dawn.